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Non stop thrills and excitement

A SimplyPyro show packs a real punch.

Even without music, the display is choreographed to include complimentary firework effects and colour co-ordinated sequences that flow seamlessly, steadily building excitement.

These shows include a wide variety of firework types, and the very latest in firework colours and effects; from high impact barrages, firing rapid volleys of colourful comets with whistles, pops and bangs, to dazzling silver tailed stars, and carefully angled candles that lace the night sky with colour.​ 

Aerial shells sizes range from 75mm, 100mm, 125mm and above (site dependant) to provide high level, sky filling excitement, with bright  multi-coloured bursts and effects that reaching up to 400ft.

The firing pace really kicks in at the start of the pre-finale, and here's where the show rapidly builds towards an awesome finale, with volley after volley of high aerial shells bursts, whilst underneath, lower level fireworks compliment the colours and effects.

Then perhaps a simultaneous hit of silver or gold, large calibre shells with long lasting trailing willow effects, signals the end of the display, and guaranteed ooh's and aah's

All SimplyPyro displays including the entry level show are fired electronically so no waiting around for the next firework to start.

"Add-on" a VIP button to start your own firework display and a final "hit" of 8 red heart aerial shells, a fitting ending to a wedding or civil partnership display.

Create a lasting memory in lancework with a personal message, or your initials either side of a huge glittering red heart. Lit at the end of the display this is a perfect opportunity for a unique photograph.

Give your guests a warm greeting with two 12ft flambeaux stood either side of the venue entrance, and if you like the idea of decorating with fire, ask about our flame pots and fire bowls hire.

Let us shower you with friendliness and advice, to help you decide on the right display, and level of impact for your celebration.

We promise that whatever your budget, we will do our very best to blow you away (not literally of course!)

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