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Quietly Brilliant

Stunning fireworks with nothing louder than a pop or a fizzle

Is it possible to have spectacular fireworks without noise?
Yes, with Fuse Fireworks it is!!

Our quietly brilliant displays have all of the visual impact, but none of the noise of a traditional firework show. These family friendly displays are guaranteed not to startle your guests.

Acceptable noise levels vary from venue to venue, and whilst some prefer absolutely no noise at all, others are happy for a quiet show but then a normal finale. We are happy to work with your venue to create an extensive menu of acceptable effects that can be included in your display.

Graceful, golden horsetail effects, falling leaves cakes, brightly coloured comets, and superb gold willow mines ensure these shows are packed full of glitter and sparkle, and are truly “Quietly Brilliant”.

Hand sparklers to your guests for some pre-show fun, and include a VIP plunger for the guests of honour to start the show.

How about dramatic flame pots to light a dark pathway from one area to another, or warming fire pits to encourage guests to gather outside, toast marshmallows and chat.

Let us wow your guests with what we do.
Call, email, or fill out your details in the contact form and let us help and guide you as you decide on the right display, and level of impact for your celebration.
We guarantee that whatever the budget, we will provide you with the best fireworks possible.

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