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PyroMusical Displays

Fireworks choreographed to your choice of music for a unique and truly personal feel

Unique displays with the fireworks tightly choreographed to the music of your choice for a truly personal experience.

You can choose just one special track, or a selection of your favourite music, and from this we will mix the perfect bespoke soundtrack to your display.

Our designers have a natural ear for music and through years of experience they know which firework to select to compliment the musical score perfectly.

Stunning sweeps of twinkling stars, and rising silver spinners dance through the quiet sequences making sure these are beautifully graceful, but not boring.

In contrast, as the musical tempo increases, so does the visual and audible impact of the fireworks, with fast firing barrages, crackling silver tailed chrysanthemums and whistling silver snakes.

And then, right on cue, brightly coloured, single shot comets and 100ft gold shimmering mines punctuate key points in the music.

All PyroMusical displays are fired using the very latest in digital firing system technology, ensuring split second accuracy, and include a free professional sound PA for use with the display.

If you wanted to "add-on" to this display, then choose our VIP plunger, which puts you in control of starting your very own display, and include a finale of 8 or more red heart shells; a perfect, and romantic ending to a wedding display!

Alternatively have us write a message, "congratulations" or "mr and mrs" in lancework to be fired at the end of the show, and if you still have your photographer to hand, we can work with them to produce "that shot"

And don't forget that we also supply flambeaux's to decorate the entrance to your venue, and warming fire bowls for those chilly evenings.

We are a friendly bunch and we love talking fireworks, so please feel free to share any suggestions or ideas with us. Lets get talking about your firework display, we guarantee that whatever your budget, we will work hard to provide you with the best fireworks possible.

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