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All Inclusive

Our "fully inclusive service" means there are no nasty surprises

From storage and fusing, to delivery of material to the firing site, Fuse Fireworks complies with all relevant firework legislation.

Gain Permissions
On behalf of our clients we liaise with all relevant authorities to gain the necessary permissions for the display. This  will include the venue, and possibly the CAA, the Coast Guard,  Rail Authorities etc.

Site Survey
We will meet with the relevant people on site to determine the most suitable firing site both in terms of safety and audience viewing experience. The results of this visit will form the basis of our risk assessment.

Risk Assessment
Not everyone’s favourite bed time reading but we have won displays on the strength of our risk assessments.

Unlike some companies we have £10m insurance in place 365 days a year

Creativity for a Fuse Fireworks display comes from a love of music, an encyclopaedic knowledge of fireworks and years of experience. Your display will be created by one of our award winning show designers not as with some display companies, a computer programme.

The fireworks will be transported to the venue by trained technicians and if required an ADR driver.

Our crew are some of the best trained firework technicians in the country. Most are City and Guild qualified and have attained both level 1 and level 2

BPA firer’s qualification. In addition we hold in-house training days bi-annually.

Set Up
The display set up will be supervised by a senior technician. With years of experience you can rest assured that there is nothing they haven’t seen or handled before.

On site the senior technician will be the safety representative for Fuse Fireworks and is responsible for the safe set up / firing and take down of the display. He will liaise with the client on all matters of fireworks safety.

Take Down
Our technician’s respect the environment in which we work and aim to leave every firing ground clean and in good condition, so take down is every bit as important as the display set up. We will remove all pyro material back to base for disposal and will collect as much firework debris as we possibly can.

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