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FUSE Fireworks

We are in the "making memories" business

Professional firework displays for weddings, civil partnerships, and private celebrations.

Fuse Fireworks are an award winning firework display company.

We create large multi-media productions to entertain and thrill audiences nationwide, but nothing makes us feel more warm and fuzzy, inside and out, as helping someone to create memories of their special day. It’s the icing on our cake!

Our love for fireworks and making people happy is what drove us from the beginning, and still drives our company today.

I guess you could say, it’s what makes us "tick".

We are passionate and friendly people working together to make things happen and delivering you the best fireworks possible, at the best value for money.

A firework display as unique as your wedding day

We love what we do, and we’re great at doing it!

We know that when you select Fuse Fireworks you are putting your trust in us, and we won’t let you down!

You will be investing in a company with over 35 years experience in the pyrotechnic industry, a British Pyrotechnists Association member company with a 100% safety record. A company who invests in the latest technology to keep at the cutting edge of display firing, and whose aim is to provide "everyone with the best fireworks possible"

Fuse is a design led company, we don’t do packages, we don’t do “off the shelf” but we do create unique soundtracks and bespoke firework displays to wow your guests, and compliment your wedding, your venue, and your budget, and at no extra cost! 

Our designers instinctively know which firework type and effects to select; their creativity comes from a love of music, an encyclopaedic knowledge of fireworks, and years of experience. But these are your fireworks, and it's your display, so whilst you may be happy to leave it all with us, some couples prefer to have a say in the effects, the colours, and the music for their show.

Whatever you choose to do is fine by us. You can be sure that we will be with you every step of the way, to provide our knowledge, help and advice when needed. We just want you to be happy. 

SimplyPyro Displays

Non stop thrills and excitment

SimplyPyro shows are not choreographed to music but they still have the WOW factor

PyroMusical Displays

Fireworks choreographed to music

Unique displays with the fireworks tightly choreographed to the music of your choice for a truly personal experience.

Quietly Brilliant

Low noise firework displays

Is it possible to have spectacular fireworks without noise?
Yes, with Fuse Fireworks it is!!

What would you give some-one who has everything?

How about a surprise firework display?

Everyone loves a surprise, and we are no different, in fact there is nothing we love more than surprising someone with a firework display.
Nothing is more magical than a personalised fireworks display, so if the site permits we can offer a surprise service and we will set up the display without anyone knowing

Why not add something
a little different





Red heart shells

Safety. Technology. Responsibility.

We take our profession very seriously.

All Inclusive Service

Our fully inclusive service means there are no nasty surprises.

Our promise

We are as passionate about good service as we are pyro.

We are loved.
What our clients say...

Huge thanks to the whole team at Fuse - the display topped off an amazing day - WOW!

SImon and Gay

I've been meaning to email to say the fireworks were AMAZING. We loved them, our guests are still talking about them even now!

Natasha and Ben

I just wanted to say thank you for the display you created for our wedding at Kelham Hall on the 29th December. IT WAS AMAZING! Everyone is still talking about it!

Kirsty and Sean

What an amazing display you put together for my daughter’s wedding, one guest even said it was better than the fireworks they had seen in Disneyland.

Bev P

We were initially sceptical about the display given the size of our budget, but you guys just blew us away and it was the talking point for the rest of the night.

David and Winnie

Zoe, I wanted to say a huge thank you. We had the perfect day with the most amazing fireworks, thanks to your team. Everyone at the wedding was impressed and thought they were absolutely incredible! Better than we could have ever imagined. 

Sarah and James

Thanks for the wonderful display, and helping us to create amazing memories on our special day.

Matt and Vin
You asked, we answered.
Frequently Asked Questions
How much does a firework display cost?

How much do you want to spend? Its almost as simple as that!

OK so we do have a set minimum budget, but after this we work with you to find the right budget and impact that suits your celebration best.

How long should our display be?

The ideal duration for a wedding display is between 5 and 10 minutes maximum.

Some people think that a longer display is better value; in actual fact it is quite possibly the same amount of fireworks, just fewer fireworks firing at anyone time, so the display lasts longer but the display impacted is weakened.  

Without question we would always recommend opting for impact over duration; if a display is great, no-one will be keeping an eye on the clock.

What time will you fire the display?

By law firework displays have to end by 23.00 – but on 5th November and NYE we can fire your display up to midnight.

  • Consider what time its begins to get dark; during the summer months it may not be dark enough to gain full impact from the display until around 22.30 hours, whereas in winter a show can be fired at 18.00 hours
  • When trying to get everyone outside to watch the fireworks, someone always needs the toilet or forgets their bag, coat, so factor that it in, it could take 15 minutes to get everyone outside and ready!
  • Consider what other evening entertainment is planned? A good time to fire the display is when the band take their break. This generally is the time when the bacon butties come out
What happens if its raining?

Rain itself does not stop a display being set up or fired. As a precaution all our fireworks arrive on site fully waterproofed.

High winds and lightening are the only weather conditions that may adversely affect a firework display.

We take the worry away

Our all inclusive service means just that. Theres no hidden extras, so there is nothng for you to worry about.

So when the when the big day arrives all you have to do is concentrate on having a great time.

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